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How to Choose the Best Penny Slot Machines to Play

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Choosing the best slot machine to play can be a daunting task especially if you are new in the world of gambling.

However, this does not mean that one cannot find a good penny slot machine with some careful searching.

To help you select the best slot machines, this article offers a few useful tips to help you go about it.

Read on to know how to choose the best penny slot machines to play.

1. Types of Slot Machines

casino signage First, you need to know the types of penny slot machines available before you embark upon the actual shopping process.

There are two types of penny slot machines: progressive and non-progressive slots.

Progressive slot machines are those that are interconnected with other machines in the casino.

Such machines offer higher prizes, people don’t win very often.

On the other hand, non-progressive penny slot machines are not interconnected with other machines in the casino and offer more odds for winning.

Since players stand the chances of winning many small prizes, the machines offer higher winning chances.

As such, it is more advisable to go for non-progressive penny slot machines since they offer more probable chances of winning.

2. Location

When playing slot machines to win, it is important to note that the location of the machine determines your chances of winning.

This means that you have to know where the machines that win are usually placed.

ou will notice that the best performing machines that give the best payouts are located near the winning claiming booths.

The reason why these machines are placed these strategic spots is because the owners want to encourage people to play more.

Other good machines are placed at coffee and snack shops. Since this is where people witness happy and victorious cheers from those who win, more people are motivated to play.

3. Avoid Slots Near Poker and Blackjacksslot machine 2

Players should avoid slots which are near the tables of casino card games such as poker and blackjack.

This is because casino administrators always refrain from placing slots in these places so that the card players will not be disturbed from the shouting and cheering of winning slot machine players.

It is good to know where the best place to play slot machines to win.

4. Use the Internet

Finally, you should rely on the internet as you look for the best penny slot machines to play.

Although a slot machine might look promising, it is impossible to know the best machines unless you look at the actual customer feedback posted by past customers.


Many people love to gamble once in a while.

Although they don’t always win, the real fun lies in playing.

The following sections shed light on the most famous game in casino.

casino chips


Also known as THE BIG SIX, this game is played by placing your bet on any of the six symbols on the table.

The wheel is divided into fifty two equal sections which are separated by pins around the edge. Now, the wheel is spun. Once it comes to a halt, the pointer stops between two pins.

The winners are those who placed a bet on the symbol over which the wheel stops.

4. SLOT:

Slots machines are used to play a variety of games. A player is required to insert a coin into the machine and press a button or the touchscreen (in latest machines).

This causes the wheels to spin. When it stops, he is paid based on the pattern of symbols.

The slot machines were called “One-armed Bandits” because they were originally operated using the lever on the machine’s side, and also because of their ability to impoverish the players.


Blackjack (also called 21) is the most popular casino banking game in the world. This is a card game played between a player and dealer (or a house).

Played with one or more decks of 52 cards, the game’s objective is to beat the dealer.

This game, just like the others discussed here, doesn’t require any particular skills and is entirely based on probability.


Roulette features a spinning wheel with numbers on it. The players will place bets on either one number, a range of numbers, whether the number will be even/odd or whether the colors will be black and red. When the wheel is spun, the white ball inside it also gains momentum.

The ball eventually slows down and comes to a halt in any one of the 38 colored and numbered pockets. Based on its positions, winners are declared.

casino poker 1. POKER:

Poker is a family of gambling card games out of which TEXAS HOLD’EM is the most popular one.

However, all its variants involve betting as an integral part of the play. The winner of each hand is determined based on the combination of the players’ cards, and at least some of them remain hidden till the end of the hand.

Poker games vary in the number of cards used, kept hidden or shared. They even differ based on the betting methods.

As long as you don’t get addicted to it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try a famous game in casino and have fun.