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Top Gambling Destinations Every Gambler Should Visit

Online casinos and sportsbooks are quite popular for obvious reasons. However, there is still something great about the traditional casino that cannot be replicated. For instance, the glamor and glitz plus dealers, offer it an unmatched experience. Although casinos are available nearly in every big city, there are some destinations that offer a better experience than others. These are some of the top gambling destinations every gambler should visit.

Las Vegas

las vegasLas Vegas is a city in Nevada, USA and it is the most popular gambling destination in the world. It has hundreds of casinos that are located at the 4-mile stretch known as “The Strip.” It does not matter the type of wager you want, you are likely to get it in Vegas. If you cannot get the casino you want in Las Vegas, then you will not get it anywhere else. Las Vegas is home to exciting casinos where you can bet on your favorite sports in person.


For many years, Macau has been nicknamed the Las Vegas of the far east. However, this has changed and Macau is the hot spot in the gambling world. You may be surprised to learn that Macau is the only place in China where you are allowed to gamble. Since the Chinese love betting, there is a lot of business happening in Macau.

New Jersey

For the last decade, New Jersey has grown to become a favorite destination for gamblers. In fact, many casinos have been built and some have closed their doors. The destination being an island boasts several casinos and provides lots of nightlife and great dining. This will keep you relaxed as you bet on your favorite sports.


singaporeThis is a new destination for gamblers and it is growing at a higher rate since the legalization of gambling in 2005. However, it is not the perfect place for sportsbooks because of strict gambling laws. Fortunately, there are many casinos to compensate for this. You can enjoy your weekend in the top casino resorts with hundreds of tables. You can also visit their nightclubs and theme parks.

Monte Carlo

If you are looking for a gambling destination that is classy and opulent, then Monte Carlo fits the bill. This is what makes it attractive to gamblers from all over the world. Although it is popular because of its opulence, you will still find something for yourself. However, sports betting is illegal in Monaco, but you can enjoy watching Formula 1.

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